Paradigm shift rough draft

  • Intro(workshop this a lot)…. maybe this should be a body paragraph idk
    • When ever you have a large group of people, you need to make sure that there is someway that everyone can eat.  As civilizations grow, and job specialization emerges, not everyone is going to be able to hunt and gather their own food, or even grow it.  There needs to be some way that people are able to take and redistribute the food.  The preservation of food was also helpful when a drought struck? since there would be a back up of food surplus from the last crop to feed the citizens of a city.  Since food preservation became more common in cities, people flocked to these places where they were offered protection and the guarantee of a meal.  This was continuously common through time, and as preservation techniques got better and better, our population continued to grow.  The improvement of preservation methods resulted in the improvement of overall health, and in turn caused human population to skyrocket. (mesh those two sentences together maybe?)
  • salt
    • talk about how salt was used to preserve everything
    • bad food can give you stomach cancer
    • sailors and scurvy
    • drying foods
  • natural ice/snow
    • froze food
    • insolated cellers
  • canning?
    • not sure if this should be included but
  • refrigeration
    • how did this cause the rate of pop to skyrocket
  • germ theory
    • pastuer
    • milk
    • people declaring “pastorization”
  • restaurants
    • people were now going out to eat
    • food was transported by trains and such
      • should I make a new pg for transportation?
  • the jungle/ Pure food and drug act of 1906
    • people were disgusted with food preservation regulations
    • caused the need for better regulations; overall improving health
  • fast food/chains
    • frozen food so its like cheap
    • mass preservation
    • transportation
    • maybe go back to how over preserved food can make you sick? idk

cite these (ask is APA or MLA)


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