Ted talk script draft

Topic: How food preservation affects your health

Purpose:  To show people how food preservation, while it does have detrimental affects, is overall positive towards our health, as long as we consider how the food is preserved.

Thesis statement:  Food preservation is an essential part of our daily lives.  However, before consuming something, you should consider both the positive and negative health benefits.


Attention strategy:  Talk about how life would be without food preservation.  Maybe say something about how many people

Orienting Material: PowerPoint


Main idea: A brief history of food preservation.

  • necessary for civilization
  • food and drug act of 1906
  • rise of restaurants?
  • Main Idea: How too much preserved food can hinder your health.
    • obesity epidemic
    • artificial preservation compounds

Main Idea: How food preservation can improves your overall health.

  • prevents bacterial growth and molds
    • why is this bad
  • maybe talk about oxidization and how this can make food go bad
    • possibly include this with the previous topic
  • how food preservation can save us during things like drought and war
    • famines


While yes, the way we preserve our food can sometimes contain things that can be detrimental to our health, we wouldn’t be here without it.


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