RCL 10 Public Controversy Contract

Madeline Helmbrecht, Kate Kirk, Alexis Rosado

ENGL 137

Public Controversy Contract

November 25, 2017



Madeline: I am researching the history of the American Red Cross, and how the controversy was able to occur.  I will be looking into the different places that the red cross has donated to see if we can find a trend in where the controversial missing funds started to disappear.  This research will be important in explaining the controversy because by looking at the history of the American Red Cross, we will be able to see how something like this controversy could occur.

Kate: I am researching the counter argument for the belief that the American Red Cross is dishonest.  I have discovered that the American Red Cross is beneficial for helping with smaller disasters.  Only so much money can be used for helping with these catastrophes in the state of emergency.  In addition, the American Red Cross is known for efficiently providing immediate assistance such as offering temporary shelter, food, water, hygiene kits, and blankets.  This organization does not specialize in rebuilding destroyed the homes and schools of destroyed areas.

Alexis: I am researching the argument that the American Red Cross puts up a front of being a key asset to society through its relief efforts. However, this has been official investigations into where their donations actually go. It is slowly being revealed that there are excessive “administration costs”, where a chunk of the money goes to. There are even testimonies of former American Red Cross volunteers who said that this organization forced them to drive around empty trucks, instead of actually providing hurricane relief. This hidden side of greed is the main issue bringing this organization to people’s attention.


We will be working on all of the script writing, videotaping, and acting all together.


We will edit this project together after we are finished videotaping so that we can incorporate all of our ideas to finalize our project.  

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