Frey is the brother of Freya and as such his name is also a title rather than an actual name. Frey simply meant “Lord”, while it is said that his more proper name is Yngvi. Like all Norse gods, Frey had many different names and his last name commonly used was Frodi which translates to “Fruitful”. Frey was worshipped primarily as a god who brought fertility and vitality to the land and to the people. Peoples’ who’s primary occupation was either a farmer or a herder usually regarded Frey as their most important deity. His followers were known to sacrifice animals, such as boar, to him during a couple’s wedding to encourage the fertility and happiness of the party involved.

In order for agriculture to be carried out successfully, war and all conflicts must be absent. For this reason, Frey was said to be the bringer of peace. But, like all Norse gods, Frey was a formidable warrior due to the warlike nature of the Norsemen. Chariots was essential to his worship. These chariots would carry a statue of Frey and would be carted from village to village blessing the land and inhabitants of these villages. Chariots were also essential to war and Frey was said to have been one of the best. His chariots were pulled by boar, hence they were commonly used as sacrifices to the god.

Frey was also associated with transportation by ship. For this reason, he was credited with stocking the seas full of fish and other useful resources. Frey’s ship was was so big that it could carry all of the gods and their weapons at once. Of course then the ship can be folded up and placed in a small bag when it is not in use. His ship always had a favorable wind!


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