Peer Reviewed Publications

Soules, Michael J. 2020. “Women in Uniform: The Opening of Combat Roles to Women in State Militaries.” Accepted and Forthcoming. International Interactions.

Piazza, James A. and Michael J. Soules. 2020. “Terror After the Caliphate: The Effect of ISIS Loss of Control over Population Centers on Patterns of Global Terrorism.” Accepted and Forthcoming. Security Studies.

Soules, Michael J. 2020. “The Tradeoffs of Using Female Suicide Bombers.” Accepted and Forthcoming. Conflict Management and Peace Science.

Soules, Michael J. 2019. “Martyr or Mystery: Female Suicide Bombers and Information Availability” Accepted and Forthcoming. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism.


Working Papers

Karstens, Mikaela, Michael J. Soules, and Nick Dietrich. “A Crack in the Foundation: Event Data, Newspaper Databases, and Threats to Validity and Replicability.” Under Review.


Works in Progress

Persuasion, Coercion, and Abduction: How Armed Groups Recruit” (Dissertation)

Why Terrorist Groups Go Transnational,” with Nazli Avdan and James A. Piazza

Comparing the ISIS and al-Qaeda Networks,” with Brandon Bolte