Logan, B.E. 2012. Environmental Transport Processes, 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. Available at: ISBN 978-0-470-61959-9)

This is a fully updated version of the original textbook that has fewer pages (479), but additional information and problems (made possible by re-formatting equations and graphics).

A solutions manual for instructors is available from the author (

Errata fileCorrections needed to ETP, 2nd edition. 4-17-19

Logan, B.E. 1999. Environmental Transport Processes. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York. Available at:, ISBN 0-471-18871-9)

Important note on the first edition, 2nd printing: Wiley reverted in 2008 to the original 1999 “1st printing” version. This meant that errata fixed after the first printing were lost. Please use the second edition!

Errata file: PrintOnDemand-2009– (updated 19-June-03)

Review: by P. Aarne Vesilind, AEESP Newsletter, 35(3):14.

Logan, B.E. 2008. Microbial Fuel Cells. John Wiley & Sons, New York

Available at:, search website using title.

Errata file: Corrections-MFC-Book- 2011

Other publications

Logan, B.E. 1999. Solutions manual to Environmental Transport Processes. This is available only for instructors. In addition, instructors can receive a copy of lecture notes (hand written) for the course.

Logan, B.E., B. Min, K. Kim, J. Miller, D. LaPoint, J. Batista, J. Liu, P.J. Evans, A. Chu, and S. Price 2004. Bioreactor Systems for Treating Perchlorate-Contaminated Water: Bench- and Pilot-Scale Investigations. American Water Works Association Research Foundation.

Logan, B.E. and F.C. Cannon. 1999. Environmental Engineering Research Frontiers: Proceedings of the AEESP Research Conference, August 1-3, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEEP), Champaign, IL.  Download the proceedings. Visit the AEESP website.




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