“Curve Machines”

Curve: The action of showing interest in a given situation or individual with no intention of carrying out the outcome expected by the opposing party

Background Information:  Many guys have the complaint that they go to parties or other social situations and are “curved” by girls. The common argument (from what I gather) is that the female population puts in more effort than they normally would to go out and once out, they talk to and flirt with guys and pursue no further physical or emotional contact.

Needless to say, this apparent phenomenon upsets the male population.

Now, I don’t mean to be blunt, but this entire argument is completely ridiculous. Yes, girls do like to look good when they are around people. However, most girls don’t do it for the attention. Girls dress the way they do because it feels good to look good, and that’s what the social scene is about. Sorry guys, but girls don’t dress up to please you; they dress up to please themselves.

But the real issue between guys and girls is flirting. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have heard guys complain about a girl talking to them for any extended period of time (emphasized because apparently an extended period of time in the guy world is about the same length as “Freebird”), and then finding out that they have a boyfriend or simply don’t want to continue talking to them. And to this I say, so what? How many times do we go through life and speak to new people that we will never see again? Thousands of times, at least. Why should it be any different because you’re at a party?

I’ll admit, some girls (many, even) do have flirtatious tendencies that could lead someone to believe that their night will end with a hook up. And what kind of a sad reality is that, knowing that any cute guy you talk to might just be trying to sleep with you? It’s fun to flirt innocently. It’s exciting to learn about someone you find attractive and see if you’re compatible. And anyone should be able to do that without feeling pressured into anything above a simple conversation, whether male or female.

That being said, I know that not everyone has a predisposition that everyone they talk to wants to sleep with them. I’m sure there are people who go to parties and socialize with no expectation of something in return. There is good in the world, even in the crazy mixed up world of college. What I am saying, however, is that it is all too common that the previous account holds true.