Double Standards

Feminism is a hot topic nowadays. and with the topic of feminism comes a lot of discussion of double standards as you cross gender lines, so lets discuss some of them.

1. dating: a huge thing that gets discussed in terms of men and women is actual dates. The common argument is that women want to be treated as equals in a relationship and in general, but still expect men to hold doors for them, buy them drinks, pay for dates, and things of that nature. To be completely honest, I agree with this argument. It is unfair that we are offended by some gender discriminations and expect others. Personally, I like having doors held for me and guys fighting me to get the bill, and if that means I’m expected to put on a pretty skirt and bat my eyelashes, it’s a small price to pay.

2. objectification: Men and women by nature objectify members of the opposite sex. It’s inevitable. However, women take it much more personally than men. We have reached a point in which women get mad when someone says they look nice. It’s ridiculous, While I do understand that women do not want to be viewed as nothing more than sexual objects, we have come a long way from being practically enslaved sexually to our husbands. I do not think it is demeaning, for example, for a guy to say that a girl has a nice ass. To me, there’s little difference between that and saying a girl has pretty eyes or nice hair. It’s a compliment. Just take it as that.  While women are angry about being objectified, we are just as guilty of objectifying men. Why is it a crime against humanity for a guy to say he doesn’t like overweight women, but it’s perfectly okay for women to say that they want a man who is tall, dark, and handsome. I’m not saying it’s right for anyone to objectify the opposite sex by their physical appearance, but we need to acknowledge that it comes from both sides.

3. Being “K”-ed: I write about this one upon request from my guy friends. Girls are notorious for their texting woes. Any time you are short with a girl or, heaven forbid, respond with just a “K,” you better watch your back. I don’t know what it is about this particular letter, but it just strikes a chord with that second x chromosome. And yet, whenever a girl is mad, all they do is respond with short, meaningless (and quite frankly confusing) messages. For some reason, we think no matter what we are in the right and it is the other person’s job to give in and gain our forgiveness. And might I add this causes a particular conflict when you have two girls fighting with each other. We all know we do it, and yet none of us change.


Sorry girls, but we kinda suck. Let’s try and get our acts together. And I know this entire post is basically bashing women, but hey, the title of this blog is The Modern Misogynist.


And if I’m not mistaken, this will be my last post (crying emoji). It’s been an honor and a privilege to criticize and insult you. Thanks for reading.


Facial hair is a topic of heated debate among college men. They’re just approaching that age where they can finally grow their beard so that it covers all of the desired area, and many guys explore the possibilities of their facial hair. Here are my personal top 5 facial hair designs.

1. Full facial scruff: maintained scruff is my personal weakness in terms of facial hair. I don’t know why, but I just think it looks great. Number one in my book in terms of facial hair.

1. Clean Shaven:  this is tied with full facial scruff because it depends on the person. Some people look better clean shaven, and some people look better with scruff. I don’t know what causes one or the other, but both look pretty good

2. Long beard: The motif of this post for facial hair (in case you haven’t noticed) is maintenance. A long beard with mustache as long as it is not unkempt looks decent on a good amount of people, but not everyone. It takes a certain type of guy to pull it off (basically people who can grow them), but as far as I can tell, guys tend to know whether or not they can pull off this look. Again, keep it trimmed though.

3. Goatee: Goatee’s actually work on the majority of people.  That is, when paired with a connecting mustache, otherwise it’s not very attractive. However, if you want to have a goatee, it cant be too long. Then it’s just awkward. Keep it clean.

4. Chin Strap Beard: I’m not sure how I feel about chinstrap beards. Most of the time they’re not completely terrible, but sometimes they just look downright douchey. It’s difficult territory, so tread lightly.


5. Mustache: If you only have a mustache and are under the age of 45, it doesn’t work. I’m sorry. It just doesn’t. Stop trying. You’re probably scaring small children. Shave.


6. Beard with no mustache: some people can pull it off, but you probably can’t. Sad, but true. Sorry I’m not sorry.

7. Neckbeard: I have seen exactly one person ever that can pull off a neckbeard and even that is a bit of a stretch. If you cannot grow hair above your jawline, I recommend staying clean shaven.

8. Soul patch: unless you are a hillbilly banjo player, I’m not sure why you would ever consider growing a soulpatch. Just do us all a favor and don’t.

9. Sideburns: No. Go home. Stop. Rethink your life choices. Go to church. Call your mom.

10. Mutton Chops: I had a history teacher who had mutton chops. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night screaming because of them.


Facial hair is a form of expression for some guys, so, honestly, you do you. Try out whatever you want. Have fun while your grandmother isn’t around to yell at you for it. Maybe you’re that one person who can pull it off. It’s unlikely, but who am I to tell you how to frame your face.