Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Winter has a firm grip on Central Pennsylvania.  It’s been snowing.  It’s been cold.  Brutally cold.  So how does one stay warm when it’s so very cold outside?  The easy answer is to turn up the heat a bit more.  But that’s not the smart answer.  The smart answer is in your closet.  The right clothing is the key to staying warm.

These are the things that I find important all winter long:

  • Long underwear.  Extra layers keep the core, arms, and legs extra warm both when you are inside and when you are outside.  I know…long johns aren’t stylish or cool.  But they sure do keep me warmer!!
  • Wool socks.  On the coldest days, wool socks make all the difference.  If my feet are warm, the rest of me is warmer.  I have several pair in assorted thicknesses.  The thin ones are great with ankle boots and pants at work.  The super thick ones are great under my snow boots when I’m going to be outside.
  • Snow boots.  Keeping the feet dry is the key to keeping them warm.  It’s a pain in the neck to wear my boots and carry my every day shoes around in a bag.  But warm, dry feet are worth the extra effort.
  • Hat and gloves.  Heat escapes quickly through uncovered extremities when you’re outside.  Covering the head (and ears) and hands will keep you much warmer than you would expect.
  • Scarf.  I wear turtlenecks most of the winter, but a warm scarf is about more than just keeping your neck warm.  When it’s extra cold outside, covering as much of your face as possible will add an extra layer of protection against the wind and cold.
  • Warm coat.  For the obvious reasons.
  • For the ladies:  fleece tights.  I just discovered these this year.  And after years of avoiding skirts for the winter months in favor of pants and long underwear, fleece tights have reopened the skirt option to me.  I find them just as warm as my long johns.
  • Blankets.  I keep them in my living room.  I keep one in my office.  If ever there comes a time that I feel a chill, adding a blanket helps to warm me up.

It has been a colder than normal winter.  But the right clothing makes it easy to handle.

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