Bumps in the Road

In January I started the Couch to 5K program, hoping that I could be ready for the Race Judicata to be my very first 5K run.  C25K is a nine week program.  And this week I am doing week 6.  For the fourth time.  I just can’t seem to be able to complete it.  I’ve talked to some runner friends and they tell me that I’ve hit a bump.  I just need to keep working on it and I’ll eventually get past it.

Life is full of bumps.  The week during your diet that you gain weight.  The class that you expected to ace that you end up with a much lower grade than anticipated.  The day your fun plans are de-railed by a snow storm.  Bumps happen.

Bumps happen a lot in the financial world.  The unexpected car accident.  The surprise medical bill.  The compromised credit card.  The bill that got lost and went unpaid until after the due date.  There are so many things that can play havoc with your financial life.  This is why it’s important to have some kind of contingency plan.  An emergency fund in a savings account.  A line of credit that you can tap into.  A relative who can float you some cash.  Having a contingency plan definitely makes it much easier to get past the bumps.

Life is full of twists and turns and bumps in the road.  And getting past those bumps will require some effort on your part.  You may need to work hard, back up, and try again to get over the bump.  You may need to make new plans to work your way around the bump.  But the important thing is to keep moving forward.  Bumps will happen.  But they don’t need to stop you.


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