Shopping Off-Season–Even Resale!

Everyone knows that shopping off season can save you some money. For example, this week is the best time to get a great deal on next year’s Halloween costume or decorations.  Or a giant bag of candy to satiate your sweet tooth and disappoint your dentist.


But what if your favorite place to shop is a resale shop (like my favorite shopping fix, the State College Goodwill Store)?  Do you still need to think about shopping off-season?  I think yes.

I made a journey to Goodwill yesterday (Sunday….because that’s the day they change the prices and you get the best selection in the 49 cent and half price categories) and found several things for the current season, but also got amazing deals on a couple of pairs of shorts and an awesome pair of REI convertible pants (the legs zip off and they turn into shorts) for camping.  Did these things cost less than if I had purchased them in the summer?  No.  But I did have a lot more to choose from because most people are not looking for summer clothes in November.  So I bought the summer clothes and they’ll hang out in my basement until May, and then I’ll have new (to me) clothes that I completely forgot about over the winter.

Shopping off-season isn’t limited to regular retail.  Think about it when you’re shopping resale as well!


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