Boost Your Credit Card Rewards with Swipe

This weekend I had the good fortune to meet the creator of an iPhone app that I am completely enamored with.  Swipe is kind of a curator for your rewards credit cards.  It tracks all of your cards and pairs them with the purchase you are making to assure that you are receiving the best rewards deal for that particular purchase.

Swipe Logo

I’m a big fan of leveraging credit card rewards.  Last year I received several hundred dollars in cash back from my credit cards by chasing the right rewards for the right purchases.  This app takes the guesswork out of that process (which is very helpful since one of my cards has higher rewards for categories that rotate from quarter to quarter).

I was lucky enough to have an in-person demonstration with the developer this weekend, but you can see a great demo of the app on the Swipe website.  I’m more than a little disappointed that this awesome app is not yet available for Android (I’m assured it’s coming in the future).  But for the iFolks out there…I think it’s awesome!

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