Warranties–How Online Purchasing Can Help

This past weekend I went camping.  (Yes…camping…in a tent…in the snow.)  And when I returned from this trip, I discovered another reason to be grateful for online shopping.  I sleep on a cot when I camp, and when I put my cot away this time I discovered that a huge seam had ripped out, making the cot unusable.  So I did a little research and found that the cot was covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.  I knew I had purchased the cot from Amazon, so it was really easy for me to dig through my Amazon account and find the purchase date:  April 25, 2015.  Just barely within the warranty period!  So I contacted the manufacturer and sent them all the details they requested, including documentation of the purchase–documentation that I would not have been able to produce had I made that purchase in a store rather than online.  So the fact that I bought the cot online made it possible for me to cash in on the warranty rather than having to buy a new cot.

If you needed to provide proof of purchase of a product to use the warranty, would you be able to do it?  Purchasing online certainly makes it easier!

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