More Ways to Save Money in Happy Valley

Last week we got started on a few ways to save money in Happy Valley.  Since there were so many, I decided to continue the same subject this week.

  • Many of you have relocated from warmer climates.  And this week you got a little taste of the autumn chill of Pennsylvania.  The reality is that winter is only a few months away, so warmer clothes will be a necessity.  But you don’t have to purchase brand new.  A large part of my plan to “reduce, reuse, recycle” is to buy as many of my clothes as possible second-hand.  My primary supplier is the State College Goodwill store.  If you need to load up on cold weather clothing, this is a great place to do it on the cheap.
  • Another great place to find useful cheap stuff is at the campus Lion Surplus store.  On any given day you’re never sure what you may find.  Computer accessories, computers, filing cabinets, and old dorm furniture are regular fixtures.  But you may also find bicycles, sports gear, clothing (I got a Blue Band jacket just last week), musical instruments, or any number of other unusual things.  It’s just across the parking lot from the Katz Building so worth a walk to check it out!
  • Do you need to open a new bank account?  If so consider a credit union.  Credit unions typically offer more favorable interest rates and more free services than typical for-profit banking institutions.  The catch with credit unions, however, is that you have to qualify to become a member.  But by nature of being a Penn State student, you are automatically eligible to join the Penn State Federal Credit Union.
  • Do you like to go to the movies?  The movie theaters in State College not only offer student discounts, they have $5.00 Tuesdays.  All movies, all day, $5.00 each.  And if you also have their loyalty card, you can get a free popcorn too!
  • And finally, have you ever thrown away a pair of shoes that you wish you could have had fixed?  In State College, you can probably have them fixed!  While shoe repair is a dying art, there is an awesome little shoe repair place downtown where you can get your leather goods fixed up for a lot less than the cost of replacement!  I’ve had many a shoe and purse there for re-working, and I’ve always been happy with the work.

I hope you’re all enjoying being back in Happy Valley for the fall (IMO the prettiest time of year to be here!).


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