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Discover the Joy of Limited Service

Less is more.  At least that’s my opinion when it comes to hotels.

When you think of hotels, it’s easy to see visions of room service and fluffy robes and valet parking and bell hops and expensive mini bars.  But when I travel I prefer something known as a limited service hotel.

With a full service hotel you get all the bells and whistles.  Valet parking.  Bell staff to take your luggage to your room.  Room service. A couple of restaurants/bars in the hotel.  And all of these things cost more.  Not just a higher cost for the room, but additional fees and tips.


The limited service hotel is a growing trend in this country, and it’s my favorite way to go.  When I travel, the amenities I seek are free wi-fi, free parking, free breakfast, and a small fitness center.  I don’t really need more than that and a clean place to lay my head.  And these things are exactly what I get in a limited service hotel.  And I get everything I need for about half the cost of a full-service hotel.  Yes….I park my own car.  I carry my own luggage to my room.  Breakfast is serve-yourself.  The fitness center is usually only two treadmills and an elliptical machine (which is not a problem when you like to run at 5:45 am like I do).  There is no in-hotel restaurant, but there’s usually one only a short walk away.  There’s no mini-bar in the room, but there’s usually a mini-fridge (for storing your leftovers from the restaurant a short walk away, or the soda you picked up at the nearby grocery).  But what you do find is a comfortable bed and a clean bathroom.  And this is really what staying in a hotel is all about.

Do you need luxury when you travel?  Probably not.  Less is more.  Consider a limited service hotel next time you travel.