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Cutting the Cord (a classic tip from 9/9/2013)

cord cutting


I did it.  I cut the cord.  I have ditched my cable.

I still have a high speed internet connection through the cable company, but no cable television.  Monthly savings:  about $75.  And what will I miss?  Not much.  I have Roku boxes attached to TVs in three different rooms in my house to allow for streaming.  I have subscriptions to Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime (and yes…I was already paying for those before I cut the cord).  Most of the TV shows I care about are available through Hulu+.  Most of the rest are available through Amazon or through CBS.com.  Most of the remainder of what I watch is drivel.  I can easily find mind-numbing comfort TV on Hulu+ and Netflix.  I just have to actively select my drivel rather than just stumbling into it in a remote-flipping haze.

It’s an experiment.  I may end up hating it (but after one week I’ve barely noticed).  I’m a little nervous about losing access to live sports, specifically Penn State football games.  But I have a radio.  I can listen to a couple of games a month.  And for those games I really don’t want to miss?  The money I save by not having cable can easily fund watching those important games from the comfort of my favorite brewpub.

Will I cave in and decide that I just can’t live without football and Doctor Who?  Or will I reap savings for years to come?  Only time will tell.

How much do you spend on cable/satellite TV?  Care to join me on my money-saving journey?