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How to Give to Charity Without any Money

I wish that I could give more to charity.  While I make donations to various causes from time to time, I always seem to wish I had more to give.  And sometimes it seems like there just isn’t any extra money to give. So how does someone without financial resources give back?  Volunteering!

For every charitable organization that exists, there is at least one way to volunteer your time.  It could be something small, like when I provided a bit of entertainment with my guitar at this year’s PILF auction.  Or it could be a much larger commitment, like a regularly scheduled shift working at the local food bank.  Or anything in between.  Yesterday I ran a three mile race that benefited Special Olympics.  And I noticed that everywhere I looked I saw someone in a yellow “volunteer” shirt.  And the event, with 4,000 runners, simply wouldn’t have worked had the volunteers not been there.  They gave a little bit of time on one day, and made a huge difference.  Every major event or ongoing cause needs volunteer assistance.  Opportunities abound, and provide a very rewarding experience.

Wish you could give more to charity.  Try giving your time.  Volunteer.  It makes a difference.