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Mechanically mediated transitions in cockroaches

How Cockroaches Crash Into Walls and Keep GoingNew York Times
Watch this cockroach-inspired robot try to walk through wallsScience
There’s a Reason Roaches Love Banging Their Heads Into WallsLiveScience
Cockroach-inspired robot is no crash-test dummy. UC Berkeley News

Rapid Inversion in Cockroaches, Geckos and Robot

Selected News Coverage from Mongeau et al. “Rapid Inversion: Running Animals and Robots Swing like a Pendulum under Ledges”:


Image Credit: Chris Gash. Appeared on June 11, 2012 issue of New York Times

Cockroaches and Geckos ‘Vanish’ with Amazing Acrobatics. Science
Now You See It, Now It’s Swung Out of Sight. New York Times
Insect acrobatics Flipping roaches. The Economist
Cockroaches and geckos disappear by swinging under ledges… and inspire robots. Discover Magazine
The Great Cockroach Escape: How Those Dirty Bugs Make Tricky Tracks. NPR
Robots Mimic Disappearing Cockroaches. Discovery News
Robo-cockroach is a real-life escape artist. MSNBC
Going over the edge, gecko style. New Scientist
Gecko-Like Bot Walks Upside Down. Popular Mechanics
DASH Roachbot Learns Acrobatic Flips from Real Cockroach. IEEE Spectrum
The trick that geckos and cockroaches taught a robot LA Times
Cockroach ‘Rapid Inversion’ Trick Lets Bug Hide From Enemies. Huffington Post
DASH robot learns cockroach escape trick. CNET
Ninja cockroaches escape with death-defying leaps.
Stealth Behavior Allows Cockroaches to Seemingly Vanish. UC Berkeley News Center
Cockroach-like Robot Scurries Over Ledges in Creepy Fashion. PC Magazine
Cockroach on a Ledge. California Academy of Sciences

Locomotion- and mechanics-mediated tactile sensing

Selected News Coverage from Mongeau et al. “Locomotion- and mechanics-mediate tactile sensing: antenna reconfiguration simplifies control during high-speed navigation in cockroaches”:

Antennae’s mechanical role in escaping InsideJEB
Building better high-speed robots with the help of cockroaches
High-Speed Robots Based On Cockroaches: How Roach’s Antennae Hairs Help Scientists Create Quicker Bots International Science Times
Robotics Engineers Study Cockroaches For Sensor Design RedOrbit

Lateral Perturbation in Running Cockroaches

Selected News Coverage from Revzen et al. “Instantaneous kinematic phase reflects neuromechanical response to lateral perturbations of running cockroaches”:

NSF Science Now. National Science Foundation
How Cockroaches Are Helping Scientists Design Better Robots. Popular Science
Engineers shoving cockroaches about could lead to more stable robots.
Cockroaches Teach Robots To Balance. Discovery News

Mechanically-mediated Rapid Transition

Racing Crash-Happy Cockroaches. Science


TV Documentaries

Kakerlaken, Geckos und Roboter [Cockroaches, geckos and robots]. ARD, W wie Wissen (German TV program). Feb 17, 2013.
Bio-Inspiration: Nature as MusePBS, KQED QUEST. Oct 21, 2008.