Fish are Friends, Not Food

Growing up and even still today, the highlight of my summer is going to the beach. Every year, my family and I go to Duck, North Carolina, in the Outer Banks. My love for the beach, and more specifically the ocean, has remained constant throughout my life, as I love the idea that the Ocean is simply endless and that there is so much knowledge, observations, and data that mankind has yet to obtain from the ocean blue.

With that all being said, you can guarantee that Pixar’s, “Fiinding Nemo,” is up there on my list of favorite movies.  nemo-marlin-and-dory

For those of you who have never watched this amazing film (very few of you I’m guessing) the movie takes place as Marlin (Albert Brooks), a timid and uptight Clown Fish, is patiently waiting with his wife for the hundreds of eggs to hatch, making them parents. However, out of nowhere, the two are suddenly attacked by a hostile barracuda who ends up not only eating Marlin’s wife, but all of the eggs as well. All of the eggs except for one. Marlin then vows to himself, that he will put all of his efforts forward in life to being an amazing and protective father.

Marlin names this lonesome egg Nemo.

The movie jumps ahead to when Nemo is finally old enough to attend school. All through their lives together, Marlin has still remained uptight and has become very protective over Nemo. However, Nemo starts school, even though Marlin thinks it’s a bad idea.

One day, while Nemo is with his friends, he is sent on a bet to swim out to the deep part of the ocean, or what they call, “the dropoff,” to “touch the butt,” which in reality, is the bottom of a boat at sea. Courageously, Nemo accepts the challenge since his dad is not in sight, and he swims out towards the boat. On his way there, a diver comes out of nowhere and captures Nemo and the boat soon storms off.

In a panic, Marlin is determined to find his son, with his newly found friend Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). Little do they know, they will have to travel far across the sea just to get to Nemo, as he goes from living in the ocean, to living in a dentist office fish tank. Facing many obstacles along the way like vicious sharks, a surfeit of toxic jellyfish, a whale, and many more, Marlin and Dory continuously keeps the viewer on the seat of their chair.

This definitely is an amazing movie not only for young kids, but for anyone of any age really. First off, the concept of the film in general is original and unique. Talking fish? C’mon, that is a great idea that anybody can appreciate. Next off, this movie truly shows the special relationship between that of a father and his son. For all of you female viewers reading this, bare with me, but this bond with father and son is a special, never ending connection that this movie proves and reiterates. Finally, several times throughout this movie, the theme of determination is portrayed by an array of several characters, teaching a valuable lesson to all viewers, that if you can believe it, you can achieve it.


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