You Got a Friend In Me

I have a confession that I must admit. From age 5-8 I had a serious problem. Upon returning to my bedroom or “play area,” I would often find myself becoming more sneaky and quiet with every step. I would approach the room, put my hand on the door knob and pause.

“This is the moment that I will finally catch them,” I would tell myself with both hope and anticipation.

Finally, with a sudden twist of the wrist, I would open the door wide open and run into my room, trying to be quick enough to see my stuffed animals and toys talking, walking, and standing like normal humans. Needless to say, I obviously watched Toy Story one too many times, and being the naive and imaginative child that I was, I had the idea that my toys emulated the personified lives of the characters in this classic Pixar motion picture.

As we conclude our session of Passion Blogs, I felt that this was a fitting movie selection for my final blog. This movie was one of my favorites as a kid and I would still joyfully watch this movie now today. For the sake of assuming that the majority of people who read this blog have also seen Toy Story as well, I will not focus this blog on a recap of the movie, but rather, just a brief analysis on what I enjoy most.toy-story-flying

First off, I admire this movie simply for the fact that this movie alone got Pixar on the map and revolutionized the world of animated movies. Releasing in 1995, this movie was ahead of its time. Starring both Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, director John Lasseter successfully got two premier actors to star in his film and bring the necessary attention to this film. This movie alone set precedent and paved the way to success for Pixar movies following this one.

Additionally, I think we can all agree that the main idea behind this movie is original and brilliant. Talking toys? Genius. Similarly, the plot is well developed, encapsulating comedy, lightheartedness, and suspense.  This certainly is a movie that anyone of any age could sit down and enjoy.

Let me get one thing straight. Years after the immediate success of Toy Story, they later came out with a sequel and another sequel. In fact, there has been speculations of a fourth movie coming out within the next two years. These sequels were nothing more than a money maker, because these movies come nowhere close to being as good as the original!

With final remarks, I enjoy this movie the most for the big role it played in my early life. This movie alone gave me a sense of imagination which is crucial in every kid’s life. Yes, I wasted my time constantly trying to catch my toys in the act and failed time after time. For three years, I got my hopes up that maybe my toys were alive, only to finally realize that this was impossible. However, I wouldn’t give back those enjoyable moments in my life for the world. toy-story-logo

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