I’ve Always Wanted a Brother

I’ve always wanted a brother. Not that there was anything entirely wrong with having a sister, it’s just that there were and still are so many things that I would have loved to do with a brother, not a sister. However, with this idea in mind, it relates to my movie selection for today. In 2008, the reputation of comedy movies changed forever. My movie selection for today, is Step Brothers. 

Starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, this movie tells the story of how two middle aged men, who still live at home with their parent, come together and form a relationship like no other, after Dale’s (Reilly) dad marries Brennan’s (Ferrell) mom. What I like most about this movie is definitely the level of comedy. I’ll be blunt. The humor is definitely, “middle school humor.” With vulgar curse words, talking about women, and the occasional pop culture reference, this is definitely a kind of humor that will keep you laughing out loud the entire time. Additionally, probably the best part of the creation of this movie is the selected cast. We all know what kind of actor Will Ferrell is and some may consider this one of his best and funniest films. I would probably agree. After reading several reviews about this movie,  the director, Adam McKay, admitted that the majority of the jokes and dialogue throughout was not even scripted, but instead, impromptu excellence by both Ferrell and Reilly. This shows just how comedic and talented these two guys are, reemphasizing how funny this movie really is.

If there is anything that I would say I dislike about this movie, it would be that maybe it is too vulgar for some viewers. I loved this movie the first time I watched it, except for one reason. I watched it with my mom. It was probably after about the fifteenth time that they said either, “cock” or “fuck” that I started feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, I would definitely say that this movie is not suitable for young kids, simply for the amount of profanity throughout.

The plot is straight forward and there is not much analyzing to do with this film. After Dale’s dad meets Brennan’s mom at a doctors convention, the two starting seeing each other and get married rather quickly. Except there is one problem. Coincidentally, both have a middle aged son that still lives at home, has no job, and is a complete and utter idiot. After the parents, Nancy and Robert, agree to move in, both Brennan and Dale have met their match, as each one tries to out do the other. After feuding at first, the two become best friends. However, after facing some problems throughout, this new found relationship or brotherhood, might be in jeopardy. If you have not seen this movie yet, wait no longer. You will not be disappointed.

My final takeaway from this movie is, “you know what, maybe being the only boy and having a sister was not that big of a bad thing.” I was able to self identify as my own person and did not have to constantly fight, compare, and compete against another boy in the family. 

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    I think this post really resonates with me, having grown up with only two sisters. Ive always kind of wanted a younger or older brother to look up to but that never happened unfortunately. I kind of agree with you in the sense that if i did suddenly gain a brother I would probably be more annoyed than happy, but I think there is benefit to having a brother, just as there is a benefit to having a sister. I actually kind of think that having a sibling of the opposite sex rounds you out better as a person, you learn more about how the other half lives and you can empathize better with them when you live with them. I know for sure I’ve changed as a result. I actually think that growing up with two sisters has made it slightly more difficult for me to make friends with other guys, although that is not to say I dont have guy friends. I’ve got tons, but it’s just a bit easier for me to talk to women I guess, seeing as I’ve grown up with two of them. I’m not really sure if that makes any sense, but it’s something I’ve thought about. Anyways, good post overall, solid description of the movie, and it sounds like the type of movie I would enjoy haha.


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