About Brian

Welcome to moving psychology, the virtual home of Brian Redmond. I am a teaching professor and the director of the organizational leadership programs. Since August 2008 I have taught only online in a full-time capacity (although I had previously been teaching online on a part-time basis starting in July 2005). I have also taught in the classroom (actually full-time for two years at a community college) but my online experience now greatly outweighs my face-to-face teaching.

In my current role I oversee the Organizational Leadership (OLEAD) program for the School of LaborĀ and Employment Relations. In my previous role I helped developed a master of professional studies in the psychology of leadership.

My educational background is in industrial and organizational psychology, but my interests within psychology and leadership have always been broad. So I have taught a wide variety of topics from introduction to psychology to developmental to social to personality to research/statistics to psychology & law to motivation to leadership (with a whole lot of different course falling in that category). My research focuses on online education.


In addition to teaching I have also had work experience in developing training materials, analyzing attitude surveys, and managing teams of consultants doing assessment work. All of these experiences have been useful in teaching as they help make the concepts I teach come to life for my students. I still occasionally consult.