Resources: Custom peptide synthesis and more

I would like to share with you a resource for custom peptides and other life sciences research products that might save you a few dollars. As always, a disclaimer: I don’t promote any products or services on this blog and I don’t accept any form of compensation for sharing this information.

The following is contributed by Dr. Ann McPherson, Territory Sales Associate Biotech/Pharmaceutical Accounts Specialist for Bio Basic

“Bio Basic is a one-stop-shop for customers doing research in the life sciences field. We distinguish ourselves from other one-stop-shops in three main ways:

Manufacturing. We have ten product lines, eight of which are manufactured within our state-of-the-art facility.

Lowest price for all product lines. By directly manufacturing most of our products, we’re able to offer the lowest prices to our customers.

Strict quality control. All of our products are Quality Control tested before shipping. Bio Basic is also ISO9001 certified, which means that we’re regularly audited for third party assessment purposes that certify that we adhere to the method and model of quality management published by the International Organization for Standardization.

Information on our products and services can be found on our website. If you e-mail me ( with the specific products and services that you’re interested in, I can provide more information and may be able to offer an additional discount. For now, I would like to make users of Penn State’s Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility aware of two promotions that we have until Dec. 31st, 2013:

“Buy 2 get 1 FREE!” on all of our products (excludes our services: Gene Synthesis, Oligo Synthesis, DNA Sequencing, Peptide Synthesis, Protein Purification, Antibody Services). Use the quote number FBG2013ANN when ordering.

30% off of all recombinant proteins! Use the quote number PRTN30ANN  when ordering (minimum $45 order).

You can find out about our range of recombinant proteins here.

For various cytokines, look under the chemokine, interleukin, interferon, tumor necrosis factor, colony stimulatory factor (CSF), etc. categories.”



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