Monthly Archives: August 2014


August 26, 2014

Orbi is running another 16-sample set for Yuanjun. If all goes well, this analysis should be done on Saturday morning. This means, I will not be able to run any samples on Orbi before my vacation.

MALDI is booked for the whole day tomorrow, and that’s the way it should be every day! Thank you, Marlena!


August 22, 2014

Orbi finished Yuanjun’s first set of 16 samples this morning, it took 4 days! Superbly prepared samples – no clogged columns, thank you, Yuanjun! Data is crunching.

Tyler’s samples are done, and Nick’s samples are running. Next in the queue are Kenny’s 4 samples.

I am working on Ana’s gels and on polymer samples from Saptarshi to keep MALDI occupied.

Have a nice weekend before the classes start!




August 13, 2014

Orbi is running Eric’s chymotryptic digest using a new ETD/CID 2nd order doubleplay method created specifically for Eric. Cross your fingers, Eric! We need the ETD filament to stay ‘regulated’ (whatever that means) for 75 minutes. Can you do it, you unruly ETD filament?

Nick’s chymotryptic digests are next in the queue and should start in 2 hours if the filament doesn’t shut us down.

MALDI TOF is bored.


August 11, 2014

Orbi is running Rob’s chymotryptic digests; Eric’s and Nick’s samples are next in the queue. I am working on Ritwika’s gel band.

MALDI TOF is booked for Tuesday afternoon by Marlena.


August 5, 2014

Joana’s sample is running. It takes 24 hrs of Orbi time to run 1 Joana’s sample: 3 blanks, 1 standard, 1 control, and 1 sample. All this to ensure that everything works as expected: the instrument, the sample prep, the chromatography. Talk about loving care…


August 4, 2014

Orbi is running Anna’s samples, Joana’s sample is next in the queue.

MALDI TOF is ready for your samples.