Acknowledging the Facility

When to acknowledge

Whenever we analyzed the samples for you or helped you with your experiment design or contributed in some other way to the success of your experiments,  you must acknowledge our support of your research in your publications, presentations, and reports. Your acknowledgements are used by the University in deciding whether or not to continue funding the Facility. The University funding of the Facility keeps your user fees low.

To demonstrate that the equipment in the Facility is used to generate publishable results, we must keep track of the acknowledgements. Please, notify Dr. Laremore whenever you acknowledge the Facility in any form of publication (web, poster, journal article, thesis, or presentation).

How to acknowledge

Mass spectrometric analysis was (analyses were) performed at the Penn State Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Core Facility, University Park, PA.

The authors thank Dr. Tatiana Laremore and/or Julia Fecko for the help with manuscript preparation (sample preparation, data interpretation, analytical method development), and/or providing access to (equipment), and/or helpful discussions (technical advice).


If a member of the Facility has made a significant intellectual contribution to your publication beyond routine sample analysis, you should consider co-authorship.