Small molecule

For our purposes, small molecules are intermediates and products of chemical synthesis (excluding polymers).

All small molecule analyses performed at the Facility are high-resolution, accurate mass.

Samples can be submitted in either dry form or as solutions (preferred). The sample amount must be indicated (weight or volume and concentration); 0.2 – 0.5 mL of a micromolar range solution is enough.

When submitting samples, provide the following information:

  1. Your name and email address
  2. Your PI’s name and email address
  3. Preferred budget number for this analysis (must be in iLab)
  4. Sample labels. You can use your initials and a number, e.g. synthesis step or notebook page number. Meaningful labels make it easier to find your file. Make sure you label your vials!
  5. Solvent in which samples are dissolved and other compatible solvents. I use methanol as the mobile phase for the flow-injection analysis; make a note if your compound is not soluble in methanol at micromolar concentrations.
  6. Molar concentration (10-100 micromolar range is preferred) of each sample (please, no mg/mL, ppm, %, activity units, etc.)
  7. Chemical structure, hand drawn or generated in ChemDraw (needed to select instrument parameters for analysis)
  8. Elemental composition (needed to calculate exact mass)
  9. Expected mass (exact or average)
  10. Any other information about your sample that you think I should have.

You can print out or hand-write this information or fill out the Facility form.

Bring your samples and the accompanying  information to Althouse, room 3 (basement). You do not need to make an appointment, but if I am away from the lab, let me know when and where you left your samples.

If you are sending samples from one of Penn State campuses, please email me in advance: my mail is delivered to a mailroom outside of Althouse, and I don’t check it daily.