About Me



My name is Matthias and I am a (3rd year, as of Fall 2018) graduate student in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at Penn State. I am working towards a PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics with a graduate minor in Computational Science. Prior to starting my PhD in 2016, I went to the University of Toronto for my undergraduate degree where I graduated with high distinction. I am a Canadian citizen.

I am interested in the field of exoplanets. My primary research focus is on exoplanet population synthesis and characterization. I am familiar with the detection, dynamics, and formation theories of exoplanets. Although my graduate-level research deals exclusively with exoplanets, I have also dabbled in other (closely and not-so-closely) related topics in astrophysics including N-body simulations of triple stellar systems, as well as variable stars and astrophysical transients. In fact, each of my research projects started during my undergraduate studies has led to a journal publication – you can read more about them (including the papers themselves, if you are really interested) in the Research and Publications/CV tabs!