Students at Penn State

2001 Perez, Bernice (Ph.D.) “Triblock Copolymers as an Extractant Phase for Plant Secondary Metabolites”

2000 Mastropietro, Michael (M.S.) “Synthesis of Surfactant-Stabilized Silver Nanoparticles by the Laser-Liquid-Solid interaction Technique (LLSI)”. Michael won the Xerox Materials Research Award of the Materials Research Institute at The Pennsylvania State University for his M.S. thesis.

2000 LaMont, Myoshi (M.S.) “Sulfonation of Oxidized Paraffinic Hydrocarbons to Produce Surfactants Using Both Column and Spinning Disk Reactors”

1998 Moon, Theodore (Ph.D.) “Mechanism of Action of Block Copolymers in the Deinking of Xerox and Laser-Printed Paper”

1998 Kizil, Ramazan (M.S.) “Solubilization of Hydrophobic Proteins in Reverse Micelles”

1997 Li, Jin (M.S.) “Enzyme Enhanced Deinking of Non-Impact Printed Paper Using Block Copolymers”

1996 Moon, Theodore (M.S.) “Deinking of Xerox and Laser-Printed Paper Using Block Copolymer Surfactants”. Ted Moon won the Third prize awarded by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Environmental Division, for his research paper on deinking xerox and laser-jet printed paper using block copolymers.

1995 Wang, Chien-Chung (M.S.) “Thermodynamics of Micellization in Polar Organic Solvents and Their Binary Mixtures With Water”

1993 Patel, Mayank (Food Sci, Ph.D.) “Lipase Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Fats and Oils in Reverse Micelle Systems”

1992 Kroons, Jeff (B.S.) “Light Scattering Studies of Solubilization Induced Transition in Aggregate Shapes”

1992 Gupte, Anagha (Ph.D.) “Enzymatic Biocatalysts in Colloidal Media”

1991 Kailasam, Ganesh (Ph.D.) “Molecular Self Assembly of Block Copolymers”

1990 Slocum, Sherri (Food Sci, Ph.D.) “Solubilization of Essential Oil Components and Orange Oil in Microemulsions”

1989 Ganc, Joseph R. (M.S.) “A Study of the Aggregation and Micellar Behavior of Three Common Motor Oil Additives”

1988 Shaffer, Pamela (M.S.) “Selective Extraction of Proteins Using Micelles”

1986 Targett, Matthew (B.S. Honors) “Microemulsification: Influence of Surfactant, Cosurfactant, Solubilizate and Solvent Media”

1986 Jeng, G.-S. (M.S.) “Studies of Vesicular and Emulsion Type Liquid Membranes Based on Dialkyl Surfactants”

1986 Barry, Maureen A. (M.S.) “Solubilizate and Surfactant Structural Effects on Single Component and Binary Solubilization”

1985 LaBelle, Gary P. (M.S.) “Production and Characterization of Surfactants from Vapor Phase Oxidation Products”

1983 Sheu, Ji-zen (Ph.D.) “Thermodynamics of Phase Separation in Aqueous Polymer -Surfactant Electrolyte Solutions”

1983 Rose, Randolph A. (B.S. Honors) “Selective Solubilization as a Separation Process”

1983 Chatterjee, Ajay (M.S.) “Copper Enrichment from Dilute Solutions Using a Liquid Membrane Process Based on Dialkyl Surfactants”

1983 Charbonnel, D. (M.S.) “Production of Surfactants from Vapor Phase Oxidation Products”

1983 Chaiko, Mark A. (M.S.) “Solubilization in Aqueous Micellar Solutions”

1982 Yarzumbeck, Arthur J. (M.S.) “The Design and Evaluation of Low Surfactant Concentration Slugs for Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Penn State Surfactants and Mixtures of Penn State and Commercial Surfactants”

1982 Das, Siddharta (M.S.) “Continuous Sulfonation in a Wiped-Film Reactor”

1980 Harold, Michael P. (B.S. Honors) “Surfactant-Polymer Interactions”. Mike won the First prize awarded by the American Chemical Society-Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry Contest for College Undergraduates in USA and Canada, for his research paper on surfactant- polymer interactions.