The Curly Girl Method

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The Curly Girl Method was invented by Lorraine Massey, also known as the original curly girl.

This method consists of two rules

  1. No Sulfates
  2. No Silicones

Sulfate is a product ingredient found in most shampoos and conditioners. It is also found in laundry detergents and dish soap. It’s the ingredient that creates the lather in your hair which strips it of all of it’s dirt and natural oils called sebum. Sebum is and oil produced from our scalp that helps us control our hair by managing frizz, giving shine, and keeping our hair healthy. Stripping our hair of this oil is not good for naturals since our hair tends to be on the drier side. Therefore we want to keep as much of our natural oils as possible. Otherwise our hair will be subjected to breakage.

Instead curly girls should switch out the evil sulfates for sulfate free shampoos or co-wash, which is washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner. This way your hair can stay clean and moisturized.

Silicones are a substance that act as a plastic tube around your hair follicles. They create this barrier around your strands that prevent water and moisture from entering. This substance is not water soluble, meaning you cannot rinse it our of your hair. The only way you can get rid of them is with sulfates…And I just explained why you shouldn’t use those. Please do not get stuck in this harsh cycle of sulfates and silicones.

Curly Girl Friendly Shampoos

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Curly Girl Friendly Conditioners

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If you want more information on the Curly Girl Method Lorraine Massey has written the Curly Girl Handbook where she talks more about this method, the science of frizz and curl types. It is available at

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