Natalia is a graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University, where she works with Dr. Jose Soto in the Culture, Health, and Emotion Lab.

Broadly,¬†Natalia’s research examines how, when, and why we regulate our emotions, and how social identity, self-concept, and cultural context may influence this process.¬†Additionally, her research has focused on understanding how the physiological, behavioral, and subjective experience of emotion differ in normative and non-normative individuals with an eye to informing basic questions about the nature of emotions, such as the functional role of emotion coherence in psychological well-being. Further,¬†Natalia is interested in the social functions of emotions, such as empathy and compassion, and how they shape moral judgment and prosocial behavior, as well as how they vary across different cultures.

Natalia obtained her BA in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, where she first discovered her love of emotion research while working with Bob Levenson in the Berkeley Psychophysiology Laboratory and with Dacher Keltner in the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory. She also completed an honors thesis with Oliver John on the role of gender differences in personality and motivation in determining situational power choices at work.

You can contact Natalia at nataliavandoren@psu.edu.