Work Samples

Examples from Work Projects

Project Management and Business Analysis

Quickbase Project Charter. This illustrates the project management thinking (including training considerations) that went into my leadership with the Quickbase project. This was an early foray into project management and business analysis and led to a very successful implementation. Quickbase Project Charter

User Acceptance Testing. I spent some time leading on user acceptance testing in Learning Design technology development projects. I built on materials created originally by Mike Brooks and Nikki Massaro Kauffman and created the following:

  • UAT checklist. This document provides detailed guidance on a systematic way of preparing for, conducting, and reporting the results of user acceptance testing.
  • UAT testing template. This is a template used for creating the instructions for testers that are involved in user acceptance testing. Instructions for using the template are included in the UAT checklist above.
  • UAT Recording Grid.This is a template used for creating the sheet for recording user and system information, along with the results of user acceptance testing against the established technical requirements. Instructions for using the template are included in the UAT checklist above. It was used in conjunction with a Slack channel and note taking.

Technology Evaluations

YouSeeU Use Cases and Best Practices. This was a document I put together with assistance and feedback from learning design staff at World Campus. YouSeeU is a video sharing platform that enables video assignments within an interactive platform. YouSeeU_BestPractices

Yammer Use Cases and Best Practices. This document was produced with input from instructional design staff from across the University. It includes a decision tool flow chart design to assist designers in choosing how and whether to use Yammer to support class discussions. YammerBestPracticeRecommendations

Disqus Preliminary Investigation. As part of my work, I am sometimes asked to evaluate technologies for their technical feasibility, accessibility and usability, and pedagogical applications. A preliminary investigation starts the ball rolling before serious steps are considered in implementing a particular technology in a course. Disqus Evaluation

Doceri Preliminary Investigation. This preliminary investigation looked into the feasibility of Doceri as a business tool for World Campus Learning Design. Doceri Evaluation

Blackboard Collaborate and Zoom Feature Comparison. I was asked to create this document to be used as a preliminary tool in guaging Zoom as a viable replacement for Blackboard Collaborate in World Campus courses. CollabZoomComparison

Documentation, Training, and Instructional Design

Training Guidelines. This was a resource I wrote for anyone with training responsibilities at World Campus Learning Design to use as a resource in the management of the training development process. Training Guidelines

Documentation Style Guide. This was a resource that I developed with the guidance of editorial staff at the World Campus, to help ensure a more consistent and usable look and feel to our internal documentation. Documentation Style Guide

Video embed training. This was training that I developed and delivered to Learning Design staff on how to use a new method of embedding videos that was accessible and included transcripts. videoembedtraining

Quickbase Task Management training. This training was developed for Program Planning and Management, a sister unit to World Campus Learning Design. The Task Management app was designed to allow the two units to collaborate better. Task Management handout

IPS Task Management Tips and Tricks. This was a resource I developed as a job aid for Instructional Production Specialists using the Task Management app IPS_Task_mgmt_tipstricks

Quick Tips for Transitioning to the Enhanced Banner Template. I developed this resource as a job aid to be used when transitioning courses to a new look and feel (template) within the CMS used at the World Campus. tipstricks

PBworks training. Pbworks is an online wiki and collaboration tool that is used by many World Campus courses. The following training materials were developed for the purpose of training instructors and course authors who were unfamiliar with the tool.

  • Training Notes. For one-on-one or small group trainers to use in preparation for delivering PBworks training. I develop these sorts of “training notes” as a shared resource to be modified according to the style and preferences of individual trainers. The documents are stored on Google Drive and are editable by anyone with access.
  • PB Works Handout. The resource I developed to be printed out and shared along with the delivery of PBworks training.
  • Innovate – Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom. An article I found to be useful in further explaining the various pedagogical uses of wikis in the classroom. This is to be printed out and shared at training events, too.

Blackboard Collaborate training. This is a PowerPoint I developed and used as part of a faculty hands-on learning event.  Collabtraining

PP&M Quickbase training. These were the training materials I developed for a training session in which a new project management application was introduced to a sister unit at the World Campus, Program Planning and Management (PP&M).

  • Training notes. These were for use by the trainers in planning for the delivery of training.
  • Handout. The handout was intended to assist in walking the learners through the Quickbase application interface.

ENGL 202D revision. This comes from my time as an Instructional Design Assistant at the World Campus. During a time when an Instructional Designer was unavailable to lead on a necessary course revision, I took over primary Instructional Design duties and worked with the instructor, Jeff Pruchnic, in developing the revised course. This is a sample lesson from the finished course. ENGL 202D Sample

Captivate samples. I developed these Flash movies using Adobe Captivate and using storyboards provided by Lynne Johnson. I created them specifically for the student orientation to Penn State’s iMBA program.

Examples from Class Work

There are several examples from the class work I did in pursuit of the Adult Education Master’s degree that demonstrate my ability to plan for and create instructional materials and events.

Video. These are two of the videos I produced to meet the requirements of a class I took on Video in the Classroom. The videos were judged mostly on the ability to storyboard and tell a cohesive intructional story within a defined time limit. Though they were also judged for basic production elements like lighting, shooting, and editing, we were not expected to do elaborate camera work or use expensive editing software.

World Campus Student Orientation – Project Plan. This was written for a class on Program Planning in Adult Education. Many of the ideas and data came from my own actual participation in a learner orientation committee, and many of the ideas were used as suggestions in planning for the actual student orientation in use today at the World Campus. Student Orientation Project Plan

Quality Improvement of Online Learning Programs. This was a lesson that I developed collaboratively with a fellow student as part of the requirements for a class on Distance Education Design. (Please note: we developed this lesson in 2004, before it was widely understood that table-based Web design is a no-no in terms of accessibility and usability. Also, any links to ANGEL elements will not work.) Quality Improvement of Online Learning Programs online lesson


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