New IBISFin Users Group File

To accommodate the recent changes to the PostDoc fringe rates, a new version of the IBISFin User Group file has been created. It is recommended that everyone updates to the newest version.

It’s available on the Q drive ( \\engrcdc\gen_info) in the folder called “IBIS Users Group”.  The file name is “Users Group V10 for Access 2007” and it is configured for use in Access versions 2007 and newer.  Drag it to your desktop or wherever you store the file.  You can’t open the file from its location on the gen_info drive; those files are Read Only.  

You may also need to relink to your data warehouse tables.

  • To relink your tables, open an Access file, go to the External Data tab, click the Link Table Manager Button, click the Select All button, and click OK.