Easily View Two Windows on the Same Screen

Working with one monitor is great, and two is even better. But, if you have ever wished you had a third, this tip may be one for you.

You can make your monitor a split-screen quickly and easily by holding down the Windows key and then pressing the left or right arrow buttons. Your active window will move to the right or left of the screen, depending on which arrow button was pressed.

active window moved to left of screen

The active window will reduce in width and move to the side of the screen corresponding to which arrow was pressed.

Then, release the Windows key. You will be provided with thumbnails of your other open windows. Select the one you want to appear in the other half of the screen.

thumbnails of other windows available for split-screen

Your other applications show as thumbnails next to the window.

Click on the thumbnail to activate the window in the other half of the screen.

two computer programs shown in the same monitor, each in half the screen

Using the shortcut enables you to quickly open two windows on the same monitor.