PowerPoint: Video Background on Slides

You have likely changed the background color of a PowerPoint slide or even changed it to an image. But … did you know you can also use a video as a background?

This tool can amp up a presentation or even allow you to become the editor of a more involved video.

To start, you’ll need a video. (If you want to try this out, there are lots of royalty-free videos available at Pixabay.

Use the Insert ribbon to place your video on the slide. Resize it (if necessary) to cover the entire slide. If your video is short, you can use the loop setting to make it last longer.

How to loop your video:

  1. Click the video to access the Video Tools menu, then click the Playback tab.
  2. Check Loop Until Stopped.
PowerPoint video loop
PowerPoint Video Tools

You can add shapes and texts in front of the video, just as any PowerPoint slide.