Zoom: Two Ways to Take Attendance

Sure, you could screenshot the participant list, but there are far easier ways to get a list of who was in attendance at your Zoom meeting. We will take a look at two ways to take attendance

Usage Reports
Perhaps you want to see a list of those who attend. Zoom Reports offers a robust look at who attended your meeting as well as other details.

Visit Penn State’s Zoom hub and sign in. Then, click on Reports button on the left side of the screen.

location of Reports button in Zoom

The Reports button is found on the left side of the Zoom dashboard.


Click on Usage Reports and then select the date or date range of your meeting. You will see a list of all meetings held during that time. Clicking on the number in the Participants column will show more details.

You will be able to see what time someone joined, when they left, and the total number of minutes in the meeting. You can also export this information to a CSV file. Keep in mind that you must be the host of the meeting to see this type of data.


Require Registration

Another way to monitor those who are attending your meeting is to require registration. This allows you to gather information as people join the call.

To set it up, create a new meeting. Click the box to require registration.

Zoom registration required

Clicking the Required box will allow you to collect information about participants as they enter the meeting.

When a participant clicks on the meeting link, they will need to enter their name, company, and email before proceeding.

registration for Zoom meeting

Participants in a meeting with registration required must enter identifying information before they can enter the meeting.


Following the meeting, you can access a report showing those who registered for the meeting.