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Penn State Video Explains Available Canvas Course Transition Options

There are a variety of options available to faculty members seeking assistance in transitioning from ANGEL to Canvas. A new Teaching and Learning with Technology video explores these methods to switch from the old learning management system to the new one in a four-minute video.

After Aug. 11, no course content will be taught through Canvas; all courses will use Canvas for online components for Fall 2017.

More Canvas news can be found through the Canvas News & Tips page

Printing a Website? Try This to Get Only What You Need

We review and print websites all the time. When it comes time to preserve that site, some of us save it as a PDF and others simply print the page.

Either way, chances are you have printed out some superfluous information. Ads in the sidebar or related links can waste resources such as ink or paper and make it difficult to retain the site content you actually need.

Enter: The site was created by two Iowan web developers who wanted a way to stop using so much paper when printing web pages. The site is free for everyone to use.

To try it for yourself, visit After entering the URL, you will be able to delete and resize components of the website.

image showing the original website

Before: PrintWhatYouLike

Using the interface on the website, you can go from a lot of extra information like that shown in the image below.

to just what you need as shown in this image.

website after deleting unwanted segments from printout

After: PrintWhatYouLike

Microsoft Outlook: Utilizing Quick Steps

Quick Steps is a feature of Microsoft Outlook that is meant to make commonly used actions right at your fingertips. The Quick Steps panel sits in the middle of the Home tab in the Mail view of Microsoft Office. These buttons can be customized to carry out actions in one click, rather than several clicks.

Outlook 2016 has several buttons set up as defaults. They are:

  • Move To: moves message to another folder

  • Team Email: begins a new message and addresses it to the “team” you set up through a recipient list

  • Reply & Delete: starts a reply email to the sender, and then places the incoming message in the Deleted Items folder

  • To Manager: forwards the email to a manager you designate; includes the text of the original message

  • Done:  marks the message with the “Complete” flag and moves the message to a folder you designate

You can customize each of these buttons, as well as create new buttons for yourself.

Quick Steps is located in the center of the ribbon on the Home tab.