The full schedule of events for the conference can be found at the link below. Please note that it is subject to updates and changes.

Penn State NCUWiP Schedule


The conference is a 3 day event. Students arrive and check in on Friday (Jan 17) before a welcome speech and dinner. On Saturday there are several talks by distinguished speakers, including the keynote speaker, and an opportunity for students to present their own research in a talk or a presentation before the evening concludes with a formal banquet. There are lab tours and a graduate school/ career fair Sunday.

During the weekend, participants may attend workshops of their choice. They may choose four of the following six workshop topics:

1) Getting into Graduate School

Learn about all the steps and tips required to apply to grad school from graduate students who have already completed the process and faculty who serve on admissions committees.

2) Grad Life

You will have the opportunity to interact with a female physics graduate student panel and find out what grad school is really like!  The panel will share their experiences and will open the floor for questions.

3) Different Career Paths in Science

This workshop will feature a panel of successful scientists in a variety of career paths, including teaching, research, industry, and government policy.  Find out how each of them started their careers and what these jobs entail.

4) Networking

You know the saying:  “it’s all about who you know.”  While this isn’t completely true, networking is a very important skill to have, both in science and in life.  In this workshop, you will learn how to expand your network to enhance your career opportunities.

5) Communicating Science

It’s not always easy for a scientist to explain her work to the community, but it is an important aspect of a scientific career.  In this workshop, you and your peers will be introduced to some of the best strategies for communicating science concepts to the general public.

6) Summer Research/ Internship Experiences

Come find out the basics on how to line up a summer research experience, including REU’s (Research Experience for Undergraduates), internships and more! With the help of a panel of students who’ve been through the process, we’ll cover why they’re important, how to find one, how to apply, and what they are like.



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