NPHS: Outlining the importance of the classes and extracurriculars

After having such an incredible experience at Penndale Middle School over the course of three years, I was pretty disappointed to leave; however, I was excited to take on new challenges and reap the benefits of the endless opportunities and variety of resources at North Penn High School (NPHS). To accurately capture how NPHS developed my passion for education, I’ve decided to divide and conquer. In this post, I’ll be covering the classes and extracurricular activities and organizations, and the following post will revolve around the staff.


Simply put, NPHS offers a ton of classes. I think it’s important to point out two main characteristics of the classes offered: the level of difficulty and the variety. When it was time to schedule, I always found myself wanting to take more classes than I could fit into my schedule, because I always felt like I was missing out on an interesting class or an opportunity to challenge myself.

Having the chance to attend a school that not only recognizes, but also supports the varying performance levels and interests of their students is crucial. In doing so, NPHS embodies the idea that education is not one-size-fits-all and recognizes the importance of exposure.

Reflecting on all of the classes I had the opportunity to take at NPHS, I have to say that I appreciate each and every one of them. Each class allowed me to realize the importance of providing our students with rich academic experiences through a variety of classes offered at different levels. Not only that, but I’m grateful for what I learned and how I was prepared.

While I loved all of my classes, courses like News Journalism and AP Literature and Spanish are just a few that allowed me to pursue my passion and interests. In addition, once I came to college, I realized how much of an impact one single class can impact you. I find myself regularly referencing the classes I was fortunate enough to take.

Extracurricular Activities and Organizations

With over 75 clubs and activities offered at NPHS, there proves to be something for everyone. Emphasizing the importance of learning experiences available outside of the classroom, NPHS cultivates an environment that not only places an emphasis on academic achievement, but also pursuing individual interests and experiential learning. 

The clubs and activities allow students to experiment with the concept of membership, showcase their talents, pursue leadership opportunities, and learn how to manage academics and extracurricular activities. Because NPHS is home to over 3,000 students, getting involved in the unique, diverse culture makes the large environment feel more like a family.

When I try to imagine NPHS without The Knight Crier, the sports department, the theatre and arts programs, the International Friendship Committee, the flyers for different club meetings, fundraising events, etc., I always wonder how high school would have been different.

I think that the clubs and activities are what make NPHS so unique. The high school is so inclusive, and it’s a special feeling to know that your high school supports its students. I always had the feeling that NPHS was always awake; the building was always being used for something, whether it was a baseball game, play practice, or various club meetings.


Thank you, North Penn High School!

One thought on “NPHS: Outlining the importance of the classes and extracurriculars

  1. Taylor I love how much passion and appreciation you have for your school district and the quality experience you were able to receive. Too often do kids not realize how good they have it – especially when it comes to school.

    I really liked how you structured your post and broke it down. It was clear to me what components of your school make it great.

    Since you have such a passion for education and so much appreciation for your school district I wonder if you could get involved and turn that into an opportunity post Penn State or even during your summers… possibly an internship or service project?

    It is refreshing to see this kind of appreciation for an experience that makes up so much of who you are.

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