Appreciation Post for NPHS Staff

Welcome back to my blog! In my last post, I shared my story about an incredible opportunity to study abroad in Spain for an entire year all thanks to North Penn High School. This week, I’m going to switch things up a little bit as I focus on the amazing staff members who made my experience at NPHS so perfect. This semester, I’ve been writing about one story in particular for each post, but I don’t think I could ever pick one staff member to write about. With that said, this won’t be a traditional blog post. NPHS has too many wonderful staff members, so I’m going to include the name of almost every staff member that I interacted with, laughed with, learned from, was inspired by, was grateful for, etc.

Before I list their names, I want to explain why doing so is so important to me. As a student at NPHS, I absolutely loved school. I wanted to be there not only because I loved learning, but also because I loved the staff. I was always making every excuse to get there early, stay late, hang around to talk, etc. I wanted to know as many staff members as possible. I admired each and every staff member that I interacted with.

As a freshman in college, I think about all of the staff at NPHS 24/7, wondering if they know that I really did and continue to appreciate them. I want to be like the staff at NPHS when I have the opportunity to be an educator. I use the staff as examples of what good teaching looks like for my assignments. I use them as inspiration if I’m having a rough day. I miss seeing their smiling faces every day and popping in and out of their rooms. Each and every staff member listed below has made a unique impact on my life, and I don’t think I will ever be able to accurately describe my appreciation. With that said, thank you to:

Herr Baker

Mr. Cornelius

Mr. Clauss

Mr. Berger

Mrs. Borchers

Sensei Coyle

Mr. D’Aquanno

Mr. Brett

Mr. Boyer

Mr. Bowen

Mrs. De Marteleire

Mr. Franek

Miss Rebecca

Mr. Gillmer

Mr. Gillespie

Mrs. Giermann

Miss Cindy

Mr. Evans

Miss Goodwin

Mrs. Grunmeier

Mr. Haley

Mr. Feeney

Mrs. Faikish

Mrs. Franek

Mr. Flowers

Mr. Fluck

Miss Rachel

Mr. Kimber

Mr. King

Miss Jessie

Mr. Hynes

Señora Kriebel

Mrs. Kratz

Dr. Leithold

Mrs. Leach


Mrs. Kelley

Mr. Likens

Mrs. Linn

Mrs. Mancino

Mrs. Macnamara

Mr. Manero

Mrs. Marino

Mr. Nicholson

Mrs. Panaski

Miss McCracken

Mr. McCreary

Mrs. McGinley

Mrs. McGuriman

Mr. Ramsay

Mr. Robbins

Mr. Misuro

Mrs. Reichwein

Mrs. Roney


Mr. Strand


Madame Sapalidis

Mrs. Schwartz

Mrs. Transue

Señor Vidal

Ms. Scott

Mr. Seifert


Mr. Shea

Mrs. Sieller


Mr. Smith (Peace Sign Teacher)

Mr. Weierman

Mr. Wert

Mrs. Westerlund

Mrs. McCreary

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wosiak

Mrs. Wright

Dr. Yetter

Ms. Young

Mrs. Allander

Mrs. Arduino

Señora Atkiss

Mr. Burrell

Mr. Calamia

Dr. Bauer

Mr. Bartle


Mr. Daly

Mr. Ford

Mrs. Degideo

Mr. Frey

Madame Fuga

Mr. Gourley

Mr. Gutsche

Mr. Henry

Mr. Kornegay

Mr. Lanetti

Mr. Swindells

Mr. Vanhassent


Mr. Young

Ms. Turner

Ms. Dome

Mrs. Rattigan

Mrs. Kauffman

Mr. Muller

Miss Milbourne

Mrs. Regan

Ms. Neubert

Mr. Rockey

Uncle Jerry