Skin We Are In

Skin We Are In tells the story of the evolution of human skin color through the eyes and voices of curious children and one thoughtful uncle. It was created jointly by South African writer, Sindiwe Magona, American anthropologist, Nina Jablonski, and multimedia artist, Lynn Fellman. Intended for children 9-14 years old, it features narrative and scientific text set amidst beautiful and vivid illustrations. The book is primarily intended for children in South Africa, but its message is universal. Thanks to a private philanthropic contribution, free copies are being distributed to schools and libraries throughout South Africa.

Skin We Are In is published by David Philip Publishers, an imprint of New Africa Books. The book is available in all twelve of South Africa’s official languages, including English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Afrikaans, and Sepedi. It is available for purchase online through the Book Depository, and at all major bookstores in South Africa.

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