A Plethora of Passions

Upon reading Addario’s insights in the section of It’s What I Do titled “Prelude,” a variety of my own passions came to mind.  While all play a significant role in my life, some emerge as quirky and whimsical while others possess a more serious side.

Back in the spring, I attended an Accepted Students Day while determining which college I wished to attend.  With about an hour to spare, my roommate (a sophomore at the time) led a tour of Atherton Hall and the surrounding area.  Being an avid caffeine lover, I proceeded to ask about the various cafes and coffee shops.  This quickly sparked a conversation with no end in sight.  From chains like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to local options, such as Irving’s and Bagel Crust, there seemed to be an infinite number of locations which serve as both study corners and delicious eateries.  Once I told my current neighbor about the experience, we jokingly decided to try every possible coffee shop in the State College area.   However, a passion blog would be a great excuse to try a new cafe every week!

Music emerges as one of my passions as well: one which I could take in a number of directions.  My love for playing the flute serves as a more-serious hobby, but from it derives more whimsical ideas.  On Snapchat, I send a daily music pun as opposed to the classic “streaks.”  Maybe I could create a band geeks/ music jokes blog?  Here I would attract a more specific audience.


While still uncertain, I believe I have found several solid pics for my first ever blog!  Please let me know your thoughts and what you feel would be most interesting.



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  1. Henry Deteskey
    September 4, 2017 at 9:13 pm (1 year ago)

    Hey Krisitin, I love the ideas! I think the cafe idea would be very engaging for everyone in our class– who doesn’t like a good coffee shop? I think there are a lot of ways to go with this, for example, you could talk about the cafe’s atmosphere, the staff, service etc. (all of which play a role in the overall experience). Also, you can talk about what it is that makes a coffee shop stand out to you. Is it the old-world charm or the modern, trendy artwork?

    Like you said, the second idea may focus on an isolated audience; however, that could be both good and bad. If the blog was to just stay in our class then i would say not to do the music one, but if it was opened up to the internet, there would be millions of people that love music that would also really appreciate your blog. Maybe if you created a music jokes blog you could generalize it and talk about humor and its role in your life?

    Honestly, both are good ideas and at the end of the day it is your passion, so I think you should decide which one you want to write about more. Great start!


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