September 11

RCL #3- A Vivid Image

When reading It’s What I Do, It was incredibly easy to find myself lost in the images Addario was portraying to her audience. Scenes of war and terror fills the pages of her book, but one scene in part 2 was incredibly vivid and memorable for me. The chapter is titled, “Please tell the woman we will not hurt her”, but all that was racing through Addario’s mind was the thought,

“I am going to die.”

In this scene, This seen is so powerful because through all of the chaos, confusion, and terror, Addario can’t stop thinking about all of her cameras and gear that is now in an unknown location. Despite the complete fear of being discovered as Americans and being killed, she is still focused on her career and passion and not just focused about herself. This is an especially important writing strategy to think about when writing my passion blog. The deepest passions are found within a person when they believe they could lose it all in a second.

What makes you hold on and appreciate your passion and career is what sets it on fire and gives you a deeper purpose for pursuing it. Through Addario’s countless encounters such as this one, she never loses focus on why she came in the first place: to document critical situations in areas around the world. Her passion is to make sure that these stories are heard, and even if her life is put in danger, the stories are worth the effort. Although I have never taken death-defying acts to pursue my passion, I remember times when I took the extra effort in pursing it to make it more important to me.

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1 thoughts on “RCL #3- A Vivid Image

  1. spb5605

    I like the way you took one meaningful sentence to explain what it is about Addario’s work that stands out to you. You broke it down into a way that shows the raw passion Addario has. I would not necessarily call it a “writing style” as much as it is just writing from the heart and being authentic, but it is very good that you want to carry that into your works as well. Make sure you can pinpoint how Addario uses her writing in more mechanical ways also. It will be important when writing your blog to make sure the mechanics of writing are well thought out before you dive into your passion. Great post!


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