October 4

RCL #6 – Conflicted

Addario’s life is filled with conflicts including actual war conflict and personal and emotional conflict. In part III of It’s What I Do, she talks about her conflict with making a profit from others’ misfortune and oppression. In this section, Addario talks about shooting refugee camps in new ways that would attract the eyes of new readers. As a photojournalist, her job is not only to capture events happening around the world, but to capture them in a way that can hold the attention of an audience. These images from a place of such conflict created paradoxical beautiful scenes and colors and were requested as fine-art prints for thousands of dollars each. Addario found herself in a moral conflict when she was making money off of these people’s conflict and terror.

Was it right to elicit a profit from conflict of others?

This conflict can be made relatable to the audience because Addario conveys her inner struggles and moral dilemma of the situation in a way that makes her readers understand that none of her decisions were easy but these images were ultimately worth producing because they helped to spread awareness of the refugee crisis by compelling readers to take a closer look and ask questions.

To convey beauty in war is a very powerful statement for Addario to make and this is one of the many reasons for her success as a photojournalist. It is important to understand the dilemmas she faced daily. I can relate to her inner conflict especially when thinking about my passion blog. Sometimes, I am conflicted when addressing my dietary needs to others and advocating to get gluten free food provided. Although I know that by advocating it will not only help me but other gluten free people down the road, I still hesitate because of the trouble it might cause me.

Part III of Addario’s story contains numerous external and internal conflicts, but she perfectly names the section “A Kind of Balance” to show how important balancing conflict and the eventual outcomes can be.

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  1. Ruiqi Yin

    Hi, Nora. I agree with you about Addario’s conflicts for capturing beauty in such misfortune place. However, I am confused about whether she is truly conflicted with the profit she made from her work. Because she explained that all her money goes back to her work, I think her conflicts are more towards the feedback from her audience while viewing her work. She wanted to use her photos to tell the story of what is happening around the world and she wanted the audience to think hard about it. I liked how you point out about the conflict is an internal conflict of Addario herself. Your connection from the book to your passion blog is great too. I think it is going to be awesome if you could also include your inner conflicts in the passion blog. It will grab more attention from the audience to the idea you want to express.
    Ruiqi Yin


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