October 9

RCL #7 – A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Throughout Addario’s novel, she includes several of her awe inspiring photographs from years of her career as a photojournalist. The two images that strike me the most are very different, yet I think that they both summarize Addario’s career and personal struggles immensely well. The first picture is found on the 11th page of pictures in the third section. It is a picture of a mother sitting with her two children in the cover of their home. At first glance, this image means relatively nothing to the reader, and may not mean anything to people in our class who have yet do actually read this book. Yet, it portrays one of the most powerful stories of women oppression in Africa and was the most influential part of the book for me.

The two children with the 20 year old mother, Kahindo, were born of rape.

She was kidnapped in 2008 and held for three years while being raped repeatedly. Addario includes several stories of rape victims from the Congo, and each is more vile than the next.

The second image that I found to be especially important was found on the 22nd page of the third section of images. While this photo is not from her many war photographs, I believe it is one of the mot important images to understanding Addario’s life. It depicts her and new husband, Paul, on their wedding day. They both have such genuine smiles, and for the first time in Addario’s life, she has something figured out. Through the chaos and turmoil, she found Paul and couldn’t be happier than on her wedding day.

Photographs play an essential role in making your audience feel what you are trying to say. They capture not only life events but also emotion and passion. I can incorporate several images to convey new levels to my blog posts and make the audience truly see and understand my perspective.

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1 thoughts on “RCL #7 – A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

  1. emd39

    I admire the two images you chose to share with us because I feel that they express Addario’s true purpose as a photojournalist while still reminding her audience that she is human too. The first photo you chose would arguably be one of the most impactful images contained in the novel, especially when the audience is told the backstory of the photo. I agree that this portion of the book was one of the most impactful for me as well. The second photo reminds me of the happiness that one picture can forever withhold, and I love your choosing of Addario’s wedding photo. Happiness was not always found within Addario’s personal and work life, so it is important to highlight the times when this emotion was genuine. I am excited to see what images you can incorporate into your blog posts because I do believe that a picture holds a thousand words. The images you choose may even do just that; making the audience truly see your perspective.


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