October 25

Ted Talk Script

Topic: Transgender athletes

Intro –

equality of sports men vs. women, how do transgender people fit in? What challenges do they face when competing?

Body –

  1. history and definition – what does it mean to be transgender and how big is the population of people/athletes
  2. importance – history of men/women sports equality vs. transgender
  3. applications of inequality – high school, college, professional, Olympics
  4. issues faced – transgender women advantage over regular women? public opinion

Conclusion –

issue of men vs. women in sports has been an ongoing well-known battle, but transgender people face this battle silently. Many cannot be identified as transgender by their appearance so even though they are clearly male/female, regulations may require them to compete with the gender they were born as. Transgender issues are very political, and discussed in great depth involving military, marriage, and basic human rights. Sports equality is an aspect of basic human rights that is often not acknowledged and not well understood.



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