February 12

RCL #2- deliberation articles

For our deliberation, we are discussing the issue with freedom of speech on Penn State’s campus and how this effects the morale of both our campus and local community at large. To investigate this, I found two similar articles that discuss the importance of free speech.

The first article discusses the basic necessity for free speech in all environments. As a basic human right, free speech is essential for advocating change while also listening and understanding those who oppose our specific viewpoints. An expert on this issue, Peter Tatchell eloquently stated,

A free society depends on the free exchange of ideas.”

This specifically relates to our deliberation discussion because it emphasizes the need for balance in society. Being quiet will not make change, but being too loud can hurt the movement and disrespect the opposition. On a college campus, it is imperative to maintain this balance to not disrespect the cultural diversity at Penn State.

The second article emphasizes the importance of knowledge. Without freedom of speech, there is no way for people to learn about the great diversity among people and cultures. It is also important to value free speech in a democratic environment where each party can voice their opinions equally and create mutual decisions. These ideas highlight the importance of our deliberation to create an environment where people can share their beliefs and issues with this topic. By educating and promoting the basic principles of free speech, we can facilitate a safe community on campus for sharing thoughts and ideas.

Both articles will be helpful for our deliberation because they both connect ideas about the benefits of free speech. These will also be paired with the negatives of free speech to compare various theories.

Timms, Josie. “Why is free speech important?” Index , Index on Censorship, 13 Apr. 2016,   


Pinker, Steven. “Three Reasons Free Speech Matters | Steven Pinker.” FEE, Foundation for Economic Education,

          7 Nov. 2014, fee.org/articles/three-reasons-free-speech-matters/.



February 6

Post #1- Deliberation Summary

Deliberation: “We are… free to speak: Or are we?

Does freedom of speech promote diversity or hinder it?


How do we control freedom of speech on Penn State’s campus? What policies need to be put in place to protect our campus community?

We are going to discuss the impacts of freedom of speech, especially on Penn State’s campus. This will also include a discussion of the effects of inviting controversial speakers to campus, and the impact of “safe spaces” for discussion. We will also discuss the limitations of freedom of speech on students’ well being and the possible implications it can have on campus diversity inclusion.

My role in the group is being a part of the team for summary and outreach. My specific role is to arrange the social media campaign and taking notes during the deliberation. Our entire mini-team will work together to develop the post-deliberation questionnaire.

I am currently working on the social media campaign to gather an audience.