February 6

Post #1- Deliberation Summary

Deliberation: “We are… free to speak: Or are we?

Does freedom of speech promote diversity or hinder it?


How do we control freedom of speech on Penn State’s campus? What policies need to be put in place to protect our campus community?

We are going to discuss the impacts of freedom of speech, especially on Penn State’s campus. This will also include a discussion of the effects of inviting controversial speakers to campus, and the impact of “safe spaces” for discussion. We will also discuss the limitations of freedom of speech on students’ well being and the possible implications it can have on campus diversity inclusion.

My role in the group is being a part of the team for summary and outreach. My specific role is to arrange the social media campaign and taking notes during the deliberation. Our entire mini-team will work together to develop the post-deliberation questionnaire.

I am currently working on the social media campaign to gather an audience.



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