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  1. I believe that you have a solid foundation for your blog on the topic of politics considering it impacts many different aspects of your life. Using athletes and other influential figures to support your claim that politics plays a significant role in your life helps to better explain yourself to your audience. I would try and focus in on a smaller audience if you plan on combining your love for politics, sports, and theater since these topics have broader audiences. I do like the idea of blurring the lines between the three. I feel that it will be more beneficial to your blog to blur politics with one subject at a time versus blurring the lines between all three at the same time (unless that’s what you plan to do already). It is extremely important to have a voice in this day in age, and regardless of your abilities, you can use these passions to make a difference. Definitely do not be afraid to use your voice in your blogs! From “Death of a Salesman” to “American Idiot”, the history of theater will provide you with a plethora of political agendas to analyze. The impact of the athletes you listed will also give you a lot of information to work with. Using well-known plays and influential figures will draw more individuals to your blog, so if you plan on utilizing the three topics at the same time, make sure to have something for everyone. Overall, I like the idea you have for your passion blog because it involves very interesting content while informing the general public of the impact of politics on certain sports figures and theatrical performances. All of these together make for a great story about you and why you are who you are.

    • Just a heads up, I don’t think you were assigned to comment on Jacob’s post for blog #1. Mrs. Hamilton sent a list of whose blogs we were supposed to comment on.

  2. I really can see your passion in the information you provided about yourself and I definitely think you have very original ideas. I would caution you on the blurring of your ideas. It may work better if you choose two of them (ex. sports and politics) to relate to each other. This way, you can still show your passions with the ideas remaining clear to the audience. Also, make sure you have your comments section open on your blog posts because I had to comment on this post instead of your original post. Overall, I like your unique approach of discussing how your passions connect to each other but just make sure you keep the ides clear and easy to understand.

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