RCL #5 Rhetorical Analysis Draft

The New York Times plays an important role in our society and while its sales are still strong, it is entering a society where newspapers are dying. They are dying while cable news grows. You can’t tell the story of news in America without the New York Times, or its cable counterpart. Since it’s inception in 1980 CNN has grown into America’s 24 hour cable news giant. It comes under the same criticism as the New York Times yet it does the same job. It delivers the news. CNN and the New York Times open to a very interesting conversation about the nature of news, and partisanship in the news in 21st century America. CNN has a different role in society because the people are visible to criticism while writers in the timescan hide their faces behind print. The standards for news are different for both yet both need to inform their audience of the days events.

They take different approaches but at the end of the day they both end with often the same results. The New York times however has more time and money for investigative reporting, while CNN often finds itself with a breaking news banner running stories about something that may have happened hours ago. CNN needs ratings to stay afloat and so it needs to keep people tuned in. The New York Times needs readers but it has more freedom on what it will publish in its pages. The two media sources need to balance Pop Culture, News and investigative journalism. As time goes on CNN finds itself pulled from investigative journalism as it needs to keep an audience 24 hours a day in a crowded market, while the NY Times market slowly declines over time. The two media giants have to find new footing and a new role in a brand new America. The decisions these networks make in the coming years will affect how the news will be presented in years to come and in my rhetorical analysis I will analyze the similiarities between the two, the roles of them, their past and their present and their role in the future of news.

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