RCL Blog #7

Linsey Addario at her wedding

Iraqi’s watching a 3D movie in Baghdad

In “Its What I Do” a major portion of the book is dedicated to photography, so naturally there would be pictures in the book. I don’t need to ramble on about all the cliches about the power of pictures but in Linsey Addario’s novel there are some powerful pictures. Now the pictures don’t have page numbers so I will just include the photos in here. My favorite pictures are the ones from Addario’s wedding and the picture of the Iraqi’s watching a 3D film in Baghdad. In a novel filled with war and death and kidnappings and misery, I’ve enjoyed the peaceful moments in the novel. Seeing the joy of her wedding or the tranquility in watching them at the movies is enjoyable because you can enjoy the relaxing moments of life. They look happy in these photos and that’s what life is really about, the moments in which one is truly happy. They capture the beauty and intensity of life, but also the happiness.

In my passion blogs I could include photos to this extent by showing the people that I am writing about in a natural and laid back context. Athletes and actors are often caught in photos relaxing even when they may live a high strung lifestyle. You catch photos of them laughing on the field or in practice or at rehearsals and it reminds you that these people are human, even as they work as hard as they do. I could also provide visuals to show who I am discussing. In my last passion post I could’ve included photos go Colin Kaepernick and in my first one photos of Wally Richardson and so on and so forth. There are hundreds of photos that have captured the beauty of sports and their athletes and of actors and the intensity of their performances, and I could put them to good use in future blog posts.


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